Why choose Equity Release?

equity release compare People are living longer thanks to advances in medical technology and healthier lifestyles. This is great news but means that retirement income needs to cover a longer period of time.

The economy leaves people needing more money than they expected. Income from pensions, savings, or dividends may not be realising as much income as they expected, and they may find it difficult to downsize. Equity release can provide additional money to cover these shortfalls.

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House prices, despite recent problems, are still significantly higher than they were ten years ago, so many people have significant equity available in their house, which they can put to good use.

  • You can stay in your own much-loved home with no need to sell and downsize
  • The money received is tax free
  • You can enjoy your money now.

If you are not too concerned with leaving your property to family then you can enjoy the money now.

The money can be spent on anything you choose. Some people may carry out home improvements, go on a dream holiday, help offspring with house purchases, or just increase your standard of living.

Points to consider

  • Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and therefore the amount that will go to your beneficiaries on your death.
  • Equity release involves either borrowing against your property (lifetime mortgages) or selling all or part of your home (home reversion plans) and there could be other more suitable ways of raising the funds you need.
  • Equity release may affect your tax position and your entitlement to means-tested benefits.
  • Our advisers can discuss this with you so you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

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